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   My experience in working with Gary over the past year has been something that I would describe as vastly impactful, transformative and helpful in my life. On my first reading, within the first 10 minutes he gave me advice on how to heal my hurt knee which had been bothering me for 3 years. I had tried many therapies and seen various specialists on the matter including 2 years of physical therapy, acupuncture, several different expensive knee braces, allergy free diets etc. His direct and clear advice on how to rid my knee of inflammation worked instantly and left me cured ever since. 


   After the first few minutes of a session with Gary, the "skeptic" in your mind takes a back seat, as it becomes clearly obvious that  he can answer all of your personal questions with impeccable clarity and accuracy. There is no ego, no showmanship, no manipulation. There is simply a loving and altruistic person who has chosen to share his ability with the world. Don't get it twisted though because this process is incredibly difficult. The things that are going to offer the most growth and benefit are usually the things we don't want to hear, as they call upon us to look at ourselves and be vulnerable and accountable. Not for the faint of heart. 


   The lasting impact on my life has been undeniable, as I would not be where I am today without his help. The single aspect of this that I am the most grateful for is the blossoming of my ability to start to have stronger and clearer intuitions myself as well as the ability to trust those intuitions through his confirmation and guidance. 


   I recommend working with Gary to everybody I love, as I wish to share the benefits that have enriched my life and put me where I am today. I am deeply grateful for the universe bringing this man into my life. "When the student is ready the teacher will appear."


    -E. B.

 I was recommended to Gary through a close friend of mine for personal guidance and was immediately captivated by his thoughts within moments. His insights and abilities to connect to the human psyche on such an extraordinary level left me feeling liberated from my hardships and somehow, illuminated. I highly recommend Gary's work for those simply interested in learning more about life.


-Emily Rose

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