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   The purpose in experiencing life is to evolve our souls through our perception of physical experiences. Some experiences build us up while others challenge us and can break us down. It is through our perceptions, choices, and actions that we create the lives we ultimately come to live in.


   Sometimes we are aware of the lessons we are learning and find purpose and direction in our lives and at other times we are confused and may feel lost or overwhelmed but it is our ability to choose that gives us power and huge potential for growth. We are not measured by what we think or feel but by what we do or, more accurately, what we feel, think, choose, and then act upon.


   There is a process that can be followed in order to take a conscious roll in the evolution of our own souls within a single lifetime. Along this intentional path, spiritual development is obtained and metaphysical abilities may be a side effect. It is my belief that metaphysical abilities are not the primary goal, but the side effect of spiritual development.


   Understanding the nature of physical reality is a great first step and when combined with energy clearing and the purification of our souls on deep levels the result is that our consciousnesses naturally rise, giving us emotional maturity, patience, depth of understanding, and clarity. These are tools that can make life an exciting adventure and not just a necessary task. 

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